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Free Fire All Character ; Active Skills , Ability And More!

Active Skill Character Introduction

Free Fire has a total of 14 active characters . Active skills are also called special skills. All have their own special skills. Players can use only one special skill in a free fire match. These skills provide more benefits than other skills. These different from the passive character.

These are active skills characters:


for 0.2s, dashes forward quickly. Dash replenish time: 175 seconds. This skill has a 5-second cooldown in between each use and can be collected for up to 2 uses.


A successful shot at a gloo wall will label foes within 7 meters of it for 5 seconds while also penetrating the wall to harm the marked enemy. 80s maximum cooldown; effective on 3 glow walls.


Gain 120 HP momentarily (decays over time), 100% more damage is dealt to shields and gloo barriers. lasts 6s with a 150s cooldown.


Releases a drone in the direction of the nearest adversary within a frontal range of 100 meters, causing a 5 meter pulse explosion that lowers mobility and fire speed by 10% for 5 seconds. produces a 140;25 damage cool down.


creates a 5 m wide frontal barrier that mitigates 65% of frontal weapon damage. when the user shoots a shot, they reset after 5 seconds. 120s of cooldown.


Create a healing zone with a 3.5 m radius. Users and friends regain 5 HP every second inside. Users and allies who are knocked down can self-recover to get up for 10 seconds. Cooldown:85s.


A sonic wave is released, damaging five Gloo Walls within 50 meters. Cooldown:85s. Additionally, starting at 4 points, each deployed Gloo Wall will result in increased HP recovery. Effects on recovery don’t accumulate.


Players use this skill more in e-Sports. Make an 800-damage black force field that is impregnable. can’t use the field to attack foes outside it. Each effect lasts four seconds. Cooldown:160s


Max EP went up by 50. The EP conversion rate for teammates within 6 meters increases by 500% in JIU-jitsu mode. Recover 3 EP every 2.2 seconds in psychology mode, up to 150 EP. 3 second mode-switch cooldown.


Location of adversaries within 50 meters who are not lying flat or squatting. last 5 seconds.

75 seconds are the cooldown.

Co-players can share enemy positions.


makes a 4 m-wide zone where throwables are not allowed. Allies nearby will increase armor durability by 10% per second and decrease ammunition damage by 10%. last 10 seconds.

Cooldown:85s. Effects are not cumulative.


Create a 5-meter zone that has a 10% improvement in movement speed and a 5-second 5-HP restoration rate.

Effects are not cumulative. Cooldown:70s.

Releases a Bm electromagnetic pulse that deals 25 damage, stops an enemy’s interaction countdown, and prevents them from using their skills. lasts 20 years. 100 second cooldown.


10 second transformation into a shrub that moves 10% more slowly. 300 second cooldown.

When WUKONG attacks, the transformation is over. When WUKONG defeats an adversary, the CD resets.


How many active character are these in Free Fire?

14 active character are these in Free Fire.

How much HP does a level 1 SKYLER GIVE?

4 HP

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