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Free Fire OB36 Update : Release Date, New Character, And More!

  • GARENA released a new Mystery Madness calendar on Free Fire.  It informs the Free Fire player about all the upcoming events lined up for them.
  • The calendar describes the upcoming patch as September 21, 2022.  Additionally, GARENA has also posted a patch highlight in the new tab, which provides details on the date of all upcoming events.
  • The Free Fire OB36 update will also be released on September 21, 2022.  Update 21 September 2022 Players can update it via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Garena noticed that the growth of looting in battle was not very high. Garena has introduced two armors in this patch so that the player can increase their armor. Players spend their time looting. It is very beneficial for players in eSports tournaments.

  •  vest thickener :Equip in your vest to reduce damage from explosion
  • vest HP booster : equip your vest to increase HP


Garena has made some changes to the training round since the update. For example, the containers in the training ground have been reduced to make it easier for players to fight.


After the new update, the power of the grenade will be reduced



Garena Free Fire will release a new character TATSUYA


Before the update, if your partner died, he couldn’t quick message you.  But even if your partner dies after the update, he will still be able to send the quick message


Garena has increased play zone damage since this update so that players can no longer hide outside of the play zone until another player is knocked out.

Increase play zone damage by 10%


Garena has added more armor vending machines in BR after the update.  So that the player can heal his teammates quickly.


Garena is adding more futures to Revving Point after the update, such as if someone heals their player, a countdown will appear on the map.


Which character is coming after the update?

Garena Free Fire new character name is tatsuya

By what percentage has the damage of the play zone increased?

Increase play zone damage by 10%

which date is the update OB36 being released?

September 21, 2022. 

By what percentage has the damage of the grenade increased?

Grenade will be reduced
Maximum: -25%

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